And "refresh" is an understatement...
The last few months, the team at NFA Nutrition has been working on something amazing and we're so excited to finally be able to share it all with you!
At NFA Nutrition, we appreciate each and every customer and friend, truly. This journey has been amazing since launching and we knew we needed to modernize ourselves, and our brand - to better support YOU.
There's just one thing we want to kick it up a notch for and that's to ensure that together, we are creating our LEGACY with NFA...
On Saturday, April 9th when you wake up - you'll wake up to a whole new shopping experience from NFA Nutrition and you might be asking; what does this mean?
- Complete Re-Brand for all of our products to modernize our branding, making it easier than ever to read and understand our products (and flavors!)
- Complete Re-Design of our Online Shop from scratch to bring you a newer, easier to use, faster and more responsive website with refined product descriptions and tons of new features!
- Updated Apps to reflect the site changes keeping everything in sync!
- New ways to grab discounts on your favorite brand!
And this is just the start, we've got SO much more planned for you.
Start your count down!
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